Jasper St. James is the fabulous boylesque performer, producer and founding member of the award-winning Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue in San Antonio, TX. He has been changing the city of San Antonio one tassel twirl at a time and has become one of Texas' leading male burlesque performers. Jasper is a cast member of Fat Bottom Cabaret's "Midnight Menagerie," a performers of size and color collective in Austin, TX. and is a co-producer for the San Antonio Burlesque Festival. He has performed at the Texas Burlesque Festival (Austin, TX.), The Dallas Burlesque Festival (Dallas Burlesque Festival), The Southern Fried Burlesque Festival (Atlanta, GA.), The New York Burlesque Festival (NYC, NY.) and more. He was awarded the "Audience Choice Award" at the 2012 Texas Burlesque Festival and is the 2013 Southern Fried King of Burlesque. He has headlined several burlesque events through out the state of Texas including the 2017 Texas Queerlesque Festival and the 2017 San Antonio Burlesque Festival. Jasper has been featured in various publications like The San Antonio Current and the San Antonio Express-News. Jasper can be found instructing the art of the tease at the Sexology Institute in San Antonio and is always ready to bring his unique brand of boylesque to a stage near you!

The Big and Tall that Bears it All



Mary Annette is a proud member of the award-winning Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue in San Antonio, TX. She has been performing the art of the tease since 2012 and has graced stages all over Texas and has performed at The San Antonio Burlesque Festival in 2013, 2014, 2016 and in 2017 where she delivered a show-stopping burlesque tribute to Tejano superstar, Selena!. Mary Annette is a cast member of Naked Girls Reading-San Antonio where she helps add the sensual to the intellectual. She is theatrical and campy, pretty and sassy, Mary Annette!

The Doll with No Strings Attached



Vixy Van Hellen is a founding member of Pastie Pops Burlesque Troupe, writer of the blog Burlesque Bruja and chapter head of Naked Girls Reading San Antonio. With her powerful voice and even more powerful derriere, she's been pleasing crowds since 2011. Vixy is a published model and accomplished actress. During the light of day, she lives in stacks of books, tries to put clothes on her cat, and is a proud mama to her little girl. Although she does that stuff at night too, just often in more sparkly outfits. She's the Bare Bottom of Bexar County, Vixy Van Hellen.

The Bare Bottom of Bexar County


camille 2.JPG

Camille Toe is a founding member of the award-winning Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue. Camille has been hosting burlesque events throughout Texas for over 6 years. She has performed at The Texas Burlesque Festival in 2012 and co-hosted the inaugural San Antonio Burlesque Festival.

She's the One You Wanna Pick



Elle Du Jour has got the dance technique of your dreams atop the sultry smolder of your worst nightmare. This Texas showgirl and San Antonio Native has been dazzling burlesque audiences since 2012 and has since performed in Basel (Switzerland) Paris, London, Berlin, the 2014 Amsterdam Burlesque Weekend, and the 2014 International London Burlesque Festival. Regionally, she has performed at the Texas Burlesque Festival, The Dallas Burlesque Festival and The San Antonio Burlesque Festival in which she took home the award for “Biggest Tease” in 2017. A proud member of the award-winning Pastie Pops Burlesque Revue and cast member of Naked Girls Reading-San Antonio. Elle captivates her audience as they watch her put the muse in musicality. She is the beautiful and talented, Elle Du Jour!

The Contemporary Tease



The newest member of the Pastie Pops, Mustang Ryder has been boot-scootin' his way across San Antonio-area stages since early 2018. A self-made man, this Georgia native is a true Rhinestone Cowboy, adding his sparkly touch to both drag king and boylesque routines.

The Self-Made Man


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